Wrenwane formed in October 2013 originally as AKB Supplies before later rebranding to Wrenwane in Jan 2014. Wrenwane was trademarked and added to the UK register in Feb 2014 and the US register in July 2014.

Wrenwane’s initial goal was to provide a range of home accessory products that not only met the highest quality expected from our consumers but also at very affordable price. To achieve that we decided to focus initially on a very small number of products, form relationships with suppliers we can trust, and market those products whilst providing the best customer support we can. We knew if we initially started with too many products then these three important factors would be compromised.

Our research for suppliers led us to China. China does have a reputation for mass production and low quality which made us wary ourselves, however, what we found was surprising. Though a lot of suppliers do manufacture with low grade materials as the competition is so fierce, there are some very established companies that only deliver quality. These manufacturs tend to work with the bigger brands and that was where we wanted to go. Each of our initial five products came from different suppliers who we have established good relationships face to face. All products were trialled and tested by us over a period of two months before we continued with branding and mass production. We are absolutely delighted at the results so far and glad we spent the time and effort finding these suppliers and building a personal relationship with them.

Wrenwane chose Amazon.com to be their chosen retailer. Amazon is the largest worldwide retailer with millions of customers and trading millions of transactons every day. Their quality control and delivery service is second to none, and by using their Fulfuilled by Amazon service (FBA), we were able to take advantage of that. Since customer satisfaction is the number one priority of our company, Amazon.com was a fitting choice.

In the first four months of trading our Kitchen Timer and Shower Curtain Hooks were already on the first page of results for their respective search terms on Amazon. An astonishing achievement.

The Wrenwane website was launched in January 2014 and lists all of our products. As well as the detailed description, video and testimonials, we also offer our website visitors only a chance to get an additional 15% off their purchase when subscribing to our newsletter. Each product also has a 30 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee.

Wrenwane will continue to grow over the coming year and onwards, slowly producing new products to add to our successful line. We hope you enjoy browsing the site and getting all the information you need to make a purchase. Just remember to sign up for our latest news and coupon offers.

Andrew Edmonds – Wrenwane CEO